vendredi 16 janvier 2009

Autoart :Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti for me the most impressive car in the world.
With extreme spec like that it is easy to explain .
1001 hp
408 km/hrs
0-100 :2.5s 0-200: 7.3s

Autoart created a small piece of art .
These 1/64 veyron are the most beautifull die cast I seen in this scale . perfect paint , fine details , and painted interior with details , WOW .
But a quality like that have price around 15$ to 25$ USD

Pour moi , la Bugatti Veyron est la plus impressionnante des Supercar
Avec des performances aussi extremes on le comprend bien .
1001 hp
408 km/hrs
0-100 : 2.5s 0-200 : 7.3s

Autoart a crée une mini oeuvre d'art.
A cette échelle c'est surement la plus belle des autos miniatures que j'ai vu a ce jour. La peinture parfaite , les détails précis la finition exemplaire et en plus l'intérieur est détaillée et peinte . WOW

Mais tout cette qualitée a un prix ... environ 15$ a 25$ USD

4 commentaires:

Tom a dit…

OMG! So great... Congratulation

JDMike's Diecast Site a dit…

did you see the test run on that veyron on Top Gear Frederick? it boasted an astonishing top speed!

really loved the veyron, but i got only one because of the price!

congrats on having all three! :)

Starscream a dit…

Beautiful, looks like you have 3003 hps under your belt :D

Frederick Foster a dit…

Yeah I saw the road test of top gear with captain slow ;) and recently top gear compare the veyron vs zonda with track test.

I buy all 3 , cause i can't decide colors .