vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Kyosho Porsche GT1 (1:64)

Here are two of my favorite cars. These 2 porsches are from the Beads collection. Many fine details and a perfect finish give to these cars, an exceptional look.

Something to get for a Porsche collector!

Voici deux de mes voitures préférées. Ces 2 Porsche sont de la collection Beads . Les nombreux détails fins et une finition parfaite donnent à ces voitures, un look exceptionnel.

Quelque chose à avoir pour un collectionneur de Porsche !

4 commentaires:

interdomin a dit…

What a couple!!

JDMike's Diecast Site a dit…

I really admire the Beads collection by Kyosho, I used to have some before and at that scale, it has truly some superb details! Congrats on those Porsches!:-)

Fred.F a dit…

Thank , I realy like the Beads Collection details are excellent

Kin a dit…

Hi PT,

Yeah!!!Porsche GT win many , many podium position through out the years & still competing till today.

"Marvelous Porsche GT car".