mardi 17 mars 2009

Kyosho : Porsche 934 1976 Porsche Cup Champion

WOW amazing paint and finish.
I don't need to say anything just take a look at those picture.

don't forget this car is a 1/64 scale

Vraiment Superbe ,je ne peux pas dire mieux sauf qu'une photo vat milles mot , imaginer 5 photos ;)

n'oublier pas que l'échelle est de 1/64

2 commentaires:

JDMike's Diecast Site a dit…

Ah yes!!! :-)

these are the kyoshos that I already passed up. Such great and wonderful details on these. Congrats Frederick! :-)

Frederick Foster a dit…

yeah all six from this set are amazing. I receive today 16 porsche from kyosho. collection 3 and racing...every car are realy nice