jeudi 4 juin 2009

Kyosho: Dealer Exclusive Audi R8

The red Audi R8 is exclusive to the japanese Audi Dealer. Hard to find , but the red color is certainly my favorite.

La version rouge est une exclusivité des concessionnaires Audi Japonais.
Elle est très Difficile à trouver, mais je dois dire que cette couleur est ma favori.

2 commentaires:

nosym1 a dit…

I'm jelouse. I had a chance to get this color car from Tinytoycar site and I passed it away thinking matchbox and hotwheels would be better. I just got a second chance and I bought the black, blue and silver one. Waiting for it in the mail.

ffoster a dit…

The blue and black color are realy nice too.
I'm waiting for silver