vendredi 18 septembre 2009

Kyosho : Racing DBR9

From new British sport car Collection . This Aston Martin is certainly one of the most impressive car built by Kyosho in 1/64 scale.
This car is a piece of art . The Bright color , The fine details and the perfect finish .i'm speechless.

three version exist and all three are amazing.

De la nouvelle Collection "british Sport car". Cette Aston Martin est certainement l'une des voitures les plus impressionnantes réalisé par Kyosho a a l'échelle 1:64.
Cette voiture est une oeuvre d'art. Les couleurs sont claires, les détails très fins et la finition irréprochable . Je suis bouche bée

Trois version existe et toutes les trois sont superbes

5 commentaires:

Starscream a dit…

Very nice but the best colour should be the green one, just like what they show in Top Gear ;)

Fleetmaster a dit…

Very nice car !!!! I like it !

BRIAN VESPA of Diecast Japan! a dit…

cool car! the DBR9 is the best modern Aston martin for me.

Kyosho and CMS rock a dit…

The cars are beautiful but the second car is missing a mirror. Please take a second look.
I like the one with red face, by the way.

ffoster a dit…

Yeah during photo session the DBR 9 fall on floor and I broked the mirror

I have 2 cars with defects ( I bought 18 cars)