mercredi 1 avril 2009

First Custom...Final Result

After 5 hours. I have this result .
Carbon Sticker come from Crazy Model kit # DC0124
Ferrari Emblem on stering Wheel come from Hobby design HD01-0007
and I used tamiya color

Apres 5 heures j'ai ce résultat.
Les Collants carbone sont de Crazy Model kit # DC0124
L'embleme Ferrari sur le volantvient de Hobby design HD01-0007
et j'ai utilisé la peinture Tamiya

5 commentaires:

JDMike's Diecast Site a dit…

it looks like a 1:18 model to me Frederick great job on your first custom!! more to come I hope! :-)

Frederick Foster a dit…

Yeah I'm proud of this first try ;)

118diecast a dit…

I agree with Mike, looks like a 1:18. Superb job! Congrats!

Frederick Foster a dit…

thank for comment , but I think i can add more details....gna gna gna

Stephen KreuZ a dit…

yup, it looks like 1:18..
ehm.., what scale is it?? tamiya model kit or something else??
i really really love F430GT...
Can't wait for your next post... :D