lundi 20 avril 2009

Kyosho British Car Preview

September 2009,

British Car Collection #2 , 30 cars:

McLaren F1 (green, silver, red)
McLaren F1 GTR (red, silver, red?)
McLaren F1 GTR 1997 (black, yellow, orange)
TVR Tuscan (silver, orange, blue)
TVR Sagaris (silver, black, wine red)
A. Martin DB5 (silver, black, wine red)
A. Martin DBS (silver, black, green)
Jaguar XJR15 (blue, orange, black)
Jaguar XJR9 1998 (green, #1, #2)
A. Martin DBR9 2007/2008, #007, #008, Gulf

3 commentaires:

JDMike's Diecast Site a dit…

thanks for this update Frederick! what a superb set by kyosho, better than the 1st set! :-)

Frederick Foster a dit…

Yeah finaly mclaren F1 and the DB5

Starscream a dit…

MClaren F1 !!!!